Adding Text on TikTok (Complete Guide)

adding text on tiktok

Thanks to the successful and user-friendly interface of the TikTok application, it is extremely simple to perform operations such as adding text on the TikTok content you create. Moreover, you can ensure that the short videos you will share enter the trends thanks to your editing operations. In addition to the details you need to pay attention to during the video creation process, some additional hashes, filters, or effects you will use in the video editing process will also be useful.

Adding Text on TikTok and Making It Disappear 

  1. Firstly, you need to find the icon at the bottom. This icon contains letters and text.
  2. When you click here, you will see a section to write text. Click on this section and write your text.
  3. To add text to videos, you can personalize your text with various additional options. For example, you can rearrange your article in terms of color, size, and effect.
  4. After using the icon in the bottom right corner, you can change the font through the top-left section’s settings.
  5. Finally, to make do the text, click on ” Done ”.
adding text to tiktok

Adding Text on Different Times on TikTok

  1. Enter TikTok and click the plus sign.
  2. Record a video.
  3. There is a checkmark in the lower-right corner. Click here.
  4. Click the Text button and enter the text you want here.
  5. In the upper-right corner, there is a button that says Done. Click here.
  6. Click on Set duration.
  7. Decide on which parts of the video you want the post to appear and make choices.
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FAQs About TikTok Texts

Is it paid to use text in my content on TikTok?

No, you can use the text effect completely free of charge.

Can text be used in all videos in TikTok?

Yes. If you wish, you can make a text constantly appear throughout the video.

When are the text settings made in TikTok?

After shooting your video through the system.

Conclusion: Adding Text on TikTok Video

To make your videos more fun and story-like, you can add text to them!

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Adding Text on TikTok (Complete Guide)

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