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Who Created TikTok? (ByteDance Explained)

In TikTok, there are many things you can choose to make your content cooler and more people interact. But did you ever wonder who created TikTok or in what country was it created? This platform that allows you to share short-form videos originated in China and Chinese government owns it. Like the other Chinese companies, […]

The Secrets to Increasing Engagement Rate On TikTok

There are many things you can do as a content producer for increasing the engagement rate of TikTok. Increasing the number of shares and divided comments of the content in your TikTok account is primarily about being able to follow trends, produce fast and organized content, and be creative. Earning money process through TikTok can […]

Is TikTok Accessible in China? (Douyin?)

Millions of people around the world prefer TikTok. However, the fact that the application originates in China causes various crises to occur in some countries. Under normal circumstances, a country like China would ban such a social media platform because the communist government exercises strict control in terms of community rules. But Douyin, the Chinese […]

How to Set TikTok Account Private? (2020)

TikTok is a social media platform where popular songs and popular videos are brought together. You usually need to change your profile’s privacy settings to restrict the audience of people to view your videos. Today, we have prepared detailed content for those who want to use a private account on TikTok! Do you want to […]

How to Search for Users on TikTok?

Just like other social media platforms, it is very important to be able to search for the names of the users you love on TikTok. The company, which announces high revenue almost every year, also has a high percentage of users. TikTok, an application originating in China, has been recently used by Instagram influencers. Moreover, […]

How to Find and Use TikTok Filters?

Thanks to the interactive filters options in TikTok, it is possible to reach much cooler and trendy content in a short time. How to Find Filters on TikTok?       After logging into your TikTok profile via the app, you can click the button representing the plus sign at the lower side of the page. […]

How to Do TikTok Dances? (Brief Guide)

TikTok, one of the most preferred social media platforms in recent years, is a social media site where you can share original content and reach a wide audience with dance videos. You can reach a very large audience in a very short time by sharing the dance tutorial on TikTok. It is time to learn […]

How TikTok Makes Money? (TikTok Revenue)

TikTok, one of the most used mobile applications worldwide, can collect investors as it earns a high rate. That’s why people ask questions about TikTok’s current earnings intensely. Moreover, it is also curious how TikTok makes money as a social media platform. What are TikTok’s most popular products and services? How did TikTok get so […]

Adding Text on TikTok (Complete Guide)

Thanks to the successful and user-friendly interface of the TikTok application, it is extremely simple to perform operations such as adding text on the TikTok content you create. Moreover, you can ensure that the short videos you will share enter the trends thanks to your editing operations. In addition to the details you need to […]

5 Methods for TikTok Creators Dominate TikTok

TikTok, one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, continues to be preferred by more and more people every day. There are some trends TikTok creators should follow to have good statistics on TikTok. That is, you can easily follow viral trend options in a short time and stand out among the video creators. […]

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