Guide to Making Your First TikTok Video

Making Your First TikTok Video

TikTok has become one of the most successful social media platforms of all time. Here is an easy-to-follow guide to making your first TikTok video.

Set Up Your Shot and Select Special Effects

Tap the center tab to enter the camera mode. You can tap on the “Flip” icon to change the camera’s direction. Also, on the right side of the screen, you will see icons for the following:

  • Speed: Allows you to adjust the speed of your video.
  • Beauty: It is an AR filter that can hide flaws and smooth out your face.
  • Filters: Lets you adjust the color filter of the camera.
  • Timer: Allows you to set a timer if you want to record your video hands-free.
  • Flash: Lets you open up the lights if you need more light.

Add Music and Special Effects

You can tap the “Add a Sound” icon on the top center to choose the song or special effect you want to include in your video.

You’ll also see the “Effects” icon on the bottom of the camera to the right. Also, the “Upload” button to the left lets you upload an existing video.

Once you tap the “Effects” button, you’ll see a list of AR filters and other special effects.

Under the camera bar, you can set the time limit for your video or tap “Photo Template” to create a slideshow instead of recording a video.

Record Your First TikTok Video

Record Your First TikTok Video

Once you are ready, press and hold the red record button. Besides, you can either record your video all at once or separate it in pieces to combine them to create a unique video. 

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If you want to include different shots in each video or divide the video, simply hold the record button for each video shot, then let go and then press and hold it again when you are ready for your next shot.

Don’t want to hold the record button the entire time? Before you enter the recording section, you can also use the timer to give yourself enough time to prepare yourself. Then, place your phone and pose in front of it before it starts recording automatically.

Make the Final Edits and Add a Caption to the Video

When you are done with the recording of the video, you will be able to add a song overlay, interesting filters, and other special effects to enhance your video. You can also include stickers and text overlays in your video.

TikTok Video FAQs

Can I restrict specific people from viewing my videos?

Even though TikTok profiles are public by default, you can change your privacy settings in the app.

How many emojis are there that I can use?

TikTok offers more than 100 emojis and face filters.

Can I use flash during shooting?

Yes, you can.

Conclusion – Videos on TikTok

You will start gaining viewers, comments, and shares on your videos once you start recording. Also, you can gain organic followers to enhance your online reputation on TikTok and become a star!

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Guide to Making Your First TikTok Video

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