Is the US Going To Ban TikTok? (Reasons)

Is the US Going To Ban TikTok

TikTok is a platform where creators can share short, 15-second, quirky, and creative videos. It nearly has 300 million monthly users. By October 18, it was the most downloaded video and photo app on Apple Store. And the app is quite popular in the US. TikTok even worked with celebrities for endorsement. However, the US. is considering to ban TikTok. So, why?

Reasons for US Government Consideration for TikTok Ban

Two weeks ago, President Trump made a statement about TikTok regarding the ban. A day before that, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that it is the cause of escalating trade war with China. And since the company created Tiktok is the ByteDance Technology Company, which is located in Beijing, China. Therefore the app TikTok is Chinese and China-based.

On the other hand, the other reason for the ban consideration of the TikTok app is spying allegations. Critics warn that the Chinese government can spy on phones in which the app is installed. Additionally, the app has many users who are against President Trump. So, banning the app could potentially help President Trump during the election year.

TikTok Ban

Is It Possible to Totally Ban The App?

The government has talked about banning the TikTok. However, it is unclear how it can be done. The government needs to find a legal reason to request Apple and Google to pull the app from their app stores. Besides that, many young Americans can resist this kind of ban and/or restriction and try to find different solutions.

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FAQs About the TikTok Ban

Is the US going to ban TikTok?

Well, there is no certain decision regarding the ban now.

How can TikTok be banned?

If the US government could give valid legal reasons to Apple and Google, they can pull the app from their app stores.

Why is TikTok getting banned?

It is because of the rising tension between the US and China over the trade war and possible spying allegations of the TikTok app.

TikTok Ban in Short

TikTok is a fun and entertaining app where people can share 15-second videos about any topic, and it is considerably popular in the US. However, the latest tensions between the US and China over the trade war and spying allegations of the TikTok app caused the app’s ban considerations. The US government states that they are concerned about the safety of US citizens. There can be other reasons behind it, as well.

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Is the US Going To Ban TikTok? (Reasons)

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