Is TikTok Accessible in China? (Douyin?)

is tiktok accessible in china

Millions of people around the world prefer TikTok. However, the fact that the application originates in China causes various crises to occur in some countries. Under normal circumstances, a country like China would ban such a social media platform because the communist government exercises strict control in terms of community rules. But Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is extremely popular in China. Millions of people downloaded and use it.

Many news in the Washinton Post or the New York Times said that Trump would ban the app from challenging the Chinese government due to some security law. Executive orders have been given in this regard, but the process has not been processed yet. This application, which originated in China, managed by the Chinese communist party, is extremely problematic, especially in storing personal data.

When Did Douyin Get Released in China?  

Douyin, which has 400 million daily active users in China, has been actively serving since September 2016. Apart from China, many countries including the USA use TikTok. Before India banned the TikTok app, the app was also pretty popular in India.

The TikTok app estimately have over 2 billion downloads. Social psychologists underline that this application appeals to people from all walks of life and cultures.

tiktok china

How Many Users Use Douyin in China?

The number of people actively using Douyin globally is around 500 million. As you can easily guess, the majority of them are Chinese. It is possible to say that more than half of Douyin users are under the age of 24. Some American company options are working on additional applications that can they can offer as an alternative to TikTok. Still, the popularity of TikTok would suddenly fade, and it can be really hard to switch to another app.

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TikTok FAQs About China

Douyin is forbidden to use?

No. Douyin is used by over 500 million people in China.

Douyin and TikTok are the same?

Even with the same logos, these two different applications are the same in terms of internal features. There is an only language difference.

Is TikTok Prohibited In The USA?

No. You can use TikTok freely in the USA.

Conclusion: Douyin and TikTok

Douyin is a Chinese version of the TikTok application, and millions of people are using it simultaneously. People download it from application markets easily and freely.

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Is TikTok Accessible in China? (Douyin?)

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