Who Created TikTok? (ByteDance Explained)

who created tiktok

In TikTok, there are many things you can choose to make your content cooler and more people interact. But did you ever wonder who created TikTok or in what country was it created? This platform that allows you to share short-form videos originated in China and Chinese government owns it. Like the other Chinese companies, this company faces various banning hazards in countries like the USA. Zhang Yiming is the person who currently owns TikTok. So the popular company for the social media platform behind the application is a Chinese company is Bytedance. Zhang Yiming, 37, is constantly in talks with many governments and administrations, including the Trump administration, to avoid situations such as the TikTok ban.

What Is TikTok Worth?

According to the researches and data from the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, the value of the app is 75 billion dollars. This makes it a logical tool for many investors.

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Who Created TikTok Hype House?

Chase Hudson is the founder of TikTok Hype House and is only 17 years old. Also, his founding partner is Thomas Petrou, who is also 21 years old. Failure to adequately inspect the application within the country managed by the Communist Party has caused worldwide concern in terms of personal data privacy. So many people think that Chinese government store their data at a very high rate.

There has been a lot of news that says that Trump banned the app. But although Trump has made some speeches on this issue, no definitive action has taken place yet.

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FAQs About TikTok

What is TikTok 2019 revenue?

Based on the Chinese government’s data and the data provided by various business environments, the company’s 2019 revenue was $176.9 million.

What is TikTok’s biggest gain gate?

It generally makes money through app purchases.

Who owns TikTok’s Parent company Bytedance?

It was founded in Zhang Yiming in 2012.

Conclusion: Who Created TikTok?

To conclude, as to answer who created TikTok, the focus of many speculations and discussions worldwide, is a Chinese short video production application founded by Zhang Yiming.

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Who Created TikTok? (ByteDance Explained)

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